John Lucas IMSC Top Performers

Created on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:11 Written by Van Coleman

The Fifth Annual John Lucas International Middle School Combine was held at St. John's High School in Houston this past weekend and we were there on Saturday to get a look at the top talent on hand.

The International Middle School Combine is one of the quality events directed by former NBA head coach and former NBAJohn_Lucas_Resources No.1 draft pick John Lucas II. Lucas does a great job of stressing what it takes to become a quality player. The camp offered through its station work, speakers and instructors a positive approach to how to continue to grow as a player, get your academics, while dealing with the pressures that Grassroots Basketball can put on players of the talent we observed in Houston this weekend.

There were a number of the nation's talent scouts in attendance, along with myself, at the IMSC this weekend as Ron Briscoe of, Reggie Rankin of, Clark Francis of, USA Basketball U16 Head Coach Don Showalter, Duke Pryor of IHoops and the NBPA Top 100 Camp Director Purvis Short among the notables that we observed while we were at the IMSC.

With that in mind, here's a quick look at the top performers we observed over the weekend in at the John Lucas International Middle School Combine:

International Middle School Combine Terrific Trio - (Listed by Height)

Deron Davis 6-9 C (2016) Denver, CO Overland HS -  This long and physical big man has a powerful high major frame, has a good set of hands and can dominate the glass. He is a skilled and active player can take opponents off the dribble to the basket to score or [pop 15-footer facing the hoop. He can catch and score on blocks too!

Khalea Turner 6-8 C/PF (2016) Reserve, LA Riverside Academy - This strong and physical young insider can post, catch and turn on opponents, then score with strength at the rim or kiss off the glass. He has ability to pop out and hit 12-footer or attack hoop off dribble. he is a very good rebounder and defender who is just scratching surface game-wise.

Joshua Langford 6-4 SG (2016) Huntsville, AL - This strong wing scorer can take it end to end and score at the rim or pull-up and stick jumper with regularity. he has range to three point arc and can create off dribble with excellent handling skills in half-court game. he is a good passer too, so he makes others around him better. May have all the tools to become big-time scorer at college levels.

More IMSC Top Performers - (Listed by Height)

Rodney Miller Jr. 6-9 (2016) Laurelton, NY - Newark St. Benedict's - He was one of a group of long and mobile bigs who caught our eye. is a long drink of water. He runs the court well in transition and finishes with length at the rim. He needs to add strength, but has good hands on block and touch on jump hook or turnaround. Projected to grow to 7-0 plus.

Nnamdi Collins 6-9 Little Rock, AR- Another long and lean big who uses his length and bounce to dominate the boards. He really runs the court and beat other bigs to the blocks. In half-court he uses his quicks to score around bigs and length to score over opponents. He is a very good defender and shotblocker who affected game on both ends. .

Omili Maxwell 6-8 (2016) Benton, AR - This chiseled young insider is a big and strong player with wide shoulders who can finish around the rim. This man-child is hard to keep off the boards and gets a lot done with effort on the glass. He's active, fast and quick, but needs to work on offensive moves to reach potential body promises!

Raekwon Bush 6-7 (2016) New Orleans, LA Landry - He is a strong and athletic player that likes to bang around the basket and finish with dunk or jump hook. He can take the ball off the rim and take it end to end or start break with pass. He has face-up skills, but needs to work on dribble drive game and show consistency from 15-17 feet on his jumper. Tools are there, he just needs to learn when and where to use them.

Derrick Daniels 6-7 (2016) Dayton, OH - Another of the bouncy and athletic big men, this quick low block scorer showed he can hit turnaround or drop step and dunk on the blocks. He uses his length to grab board, outlets it and then runs floor hard. He has to work on pop out and attack hoop. Lots of upside as he continues to grow.

Benjamin Coupet Jr 6-6 (2016) Chicago, IL Simeon HS - He is a long and rangy combo forward who showed he can score from elbow with jumper or attack the hoop off the dribble versus bigs. He can roll to block and score with jump hook or bounce on drop step. Good athlete who is just scratching surface offensively.

Mongo Cornett 6-6 Houston, TX- This physical athlete is a banger. He isn't always pretty, but he plays hard all game long and just outworks opponents on the glass or finish. This young powerman is hard to keep off the boards. Once he expands his game to facing and can add range to elbow he will be tough to stop!

Mario Kelger 6-6 (2016) Jackson, MS - Bouncy low block scorer can finish with contact on the blocks or pop out to 15-feet and hit jumper. He gets on the boards and did good job outletting then running floor to be involved on other end while we watched. He could still add inches, so he intrigues for the future!

Jayson Tatum 6-5 (2016) St. Louis, MO - Chaminade College Prep - He is a long and rangy player that can play the two to four spots. He is a very good ball-handler and passer and can dominate glass from wing .  He hasn't finish growing yet. Look for him to be a 6'8 or 6'9 before he leaves high school with a strong set of wing skills.

Gilbert Thomas Jr 6-5 (2016) Houston, TN- is a long and wiry player who likes the hit the face up jumper from 17-feet. He uses jumper to keep "D" of balance, then went to the rim and finishes at rim. This active player, boards, runs the court and defends on wing or in the post. Solid all-around athlete with solid upside.

Darren "D.J." Harvey 6-4 (2017) Owens Cross, AL - Huntsville Randolph HS He was the consensus top 2017 prospect at the IMSC. He is a high flying wing who has major hops. He's a slasher who can put the ball on the floor to get around his opponents to score with highlights at the rim. He has a solid pull-up game and stuck 15-footer off the dribble. Explosive athlete can become a big-time wing down the road as his range extends.

Adrian Moore 6-3 (2016) Conway, AR - This explosive wing showed he can create dribble drive and finish with strength at the rim. He hit jumper from three or off the pull-up from 15-feet while we watched. He is a good rebounder and started break off the glass on several occasions.

Mark Vital 6-3 (2016) Lafayette, LA - Lake Charles Washington-Marion - He was one of the best athletes at this event with an explosive hops and quicks. He is a slasher who can attack off the dribble and can flat out make highlights at the rim with slam. He is a very good ball handler who can create pull-up jumper from 16-feet.

DeShawn Wilson 6-3 (2017) Colorado Springs, CO - He was one of the best guards in camp with his size and ability to see the court. He has point skills and showed a pass first, score second attitude that caught our eye.. He makes good decisions with the ball and he knows how to put his teammates in a  position to score. He can knock down jumper on perimeter to keep "D" honest and uses size to finish drive.

Nyrhique Smith 6-2 (2016) Tinton Falls, NJ - A long and rangy wing scorer who can create his shot off the dribble inside the arc or attack hoop and get to the hoop. He hit a couple threes, but was more of a threat on pull-up. He has tools to take it end to end or run the break. If he extends shot he could become big-time scorer in the future!

Christian Ellis 6-2 (2016) Tracy, CA - A big and strong lefty guard, with combo ball skills. He has the tools to bring it in transition and make the pass or finish with length at the hoop. He is a good shooter off the dribble on pull-up. His final levels may be determined by ability to extend range to three.

Payton Pritchard 5-10 (2016) West Linn, OR Wesleyan HS - He is a smart and heady point guard that makes good decisions with the ball on offense. He has a strong body for a point and is a  pass first point with excellent ball-handling skills. He uses his quick feet and hands to "D" you up too. He can knock down the mid-range off the pull-up, but has to extend his range to beyond the arc to approach levels his handle and basketball I.Q. promise, so stay tuned!

Jaylen Fisher 5-10 (2016) Millington, TN - He is a quick ball handler that keeps his defender off balance with his quicks and ability to go either way. He pushes the ball up the court and sees the open man and makes pinpoint passes to open man. He's a tough point that makes his teammates better when he has the ball in his hands. Future floor leader to watch develop at high level.

Braxton Blackwell 5-5 (2016) Nashville, TN Christ Presbyterian Academy He is a smooth under control point who uses a deadly outside jump shot to set up his drive and pass game. He is surprisingly strong for his size, and uses it to set up defender, then go by him. He has high basketball I.Q and looked to get ball to his teammates in transition or off of penetration. Solid young floor leader!

Loren Jackson 5-4 (2016) Bradenton, FL - This coach's son has learned his trade well as a point. He can flat out handle with both hands, using dribble to create space to set-up pass to open man or pull-up jumper. He has range to arc to keep "D" honest and quicks to attack defender too. He makes others around him better, and now needs to add inches to reach full potential.

Best of the Rest - (Listed by Height)

Reggie Taylor 6-8 (2016) Memphis, TN
Algevon Eichelberger 6-6 (2016) Saginaw, MI
Devin Young 6-6 (2016) Citrus Heights, CA
Mike Karnes 6'6 Houston, TX
Andree Patrick 6-6 (2016) Colts Neck, NJ
Brendan Bailey 6'5 American Fork, UT
Jalen Johnson 6-5 (2016) Baton Rouge, LA
Wayde Sims 6-5 (2016) Baton Rouge, LA
Darren Russell 6'5 (2016) Orange Park, FL
Kameron McGriff 6-4 (2016) Grand Prairie, TX
Nijal Pearson 6-4 (2016) Beaumont, TX
Kahmonie Foster 6-4 (2017) Jersey City, NJ
Kobi' Jordan Stephens-Sims 6-4 (2016) Alpharetta, GA
Zachary Norvell 6-4 (2016) Chicago, IL
Jarred Vanderbilt 6-3 (2017) Missouri City, TX
James Walker 6-3 (2016) Pearland, TX
Tony Goodwin Jr 6-2 (2016) Scottsdale, AZ
Quentin Goodin 6-2 (2016) Campbellsville, KY
Chris Giles 6-2 (2017) Dallas, TX
Ako Adams 6-2 (2016) Washington, DC
Skylar Mays 6-1 (2016) Baton Rouge, LA
Ryan Murphy 6-1 (2016) Calabasas, CA
Tre Ary-Turner 6-0 (2017) Issaquah, WA
Justice Kithcart 6-0 (2016) Durham, NC
C.J Hedgepeth 5-11 (2016)  Evansville, IN
Eric Monroe 5-10 (2016) Del Mar, CA
Josh Boyd 5-10 (2016) Beaumont, TX
Dillon Mitchell 5-9 (2017) Memphis, TN
Jalen Weber 5-9 (2016) Pearland, TX
Decardo Day 5-9 (2016) Jackson, MS
Lynnard Rose 5-9 (2016) Houston, TX
Xavier Simpson 5-8 (2016) Lima, OH
Michael Corchiani 5-8 (2016) Destrehan, LA
Elishja Duplechan 5-8 (2017) Sacramento, CA
Matthew Coleman 5-8 (2016) Norfolk VA
Ricky Nelson 5-7 (2017) Houston, TX
Jaylin Fleming 5-6 (2017) Chicago, IL
Jashoun Agosto 5-5 (2016) Federal Way, WA

Others worth a Mention -  (Listed by Height)

Ryan Evans 6-9 (2016) Plano, TX
Willie Allen 6-6 (2016) New Orleans, LA
Braden Kopp 6-5 (2016) Houston, TX
D.J. Young 6-5 (2016) Orange Park, FL.
Malik Crowfield 6-4 (2016) Laplace, LA
Billy Preston 6-4 (2017) Irvine, CA
Jake Dale 6-3 (2016) Mankato, MN
Shawn Rushing 6-1 (2016) Atlanta, GA
James Scott 6-1 (2016) Union, NJ
Daniel Venzant 6-1 (2016) Midland, TX
Riley Matticks 6-0 (2016) Parker, CO
DeAaron Fox 6-0 (2016) Katy, TX
Alex Hobbs 6-0 (2016)  Laporte, TX
Spencer Mays 6-0 (2017) Baton Rouge, LA
Blake Morrow 6-0 (2016) Sarasota, FL
John Pettway 6-0 (2016) Safford, AL
Jordan Plain 6-0 (2016) Baton Rouge, LA
Quinton Rose 6-0 (2016) Rochester, NY
Kevin Robinson 5-10 (2016) Blue Springs, MO
Jordan Ford 5-9 (2016) Citrus Heights, CA
Asante' Gist 5-9 (2016)  West Orange, NJ
Rodrick Caldwell 5-9 (2016) Dayton, OH
Christian Turner 5-9 (2016) Tyrone, GA
Nate Vaughn 5-9 (2016) Eads, TN
Devin Newton 5-9 (2017) Los Angeles, CA
LaDarius White 5-9 (2016) Selma, AL
Justin McCormack 5-9 (2016) Houston, TX
Jervae Robinson 5-8 (2016) Aurora, CO
Dezmond McDaniel 5-8 (2016) Kansas City, MO
Isaiah Duplechan 5-8 (2016) Sacramento, CA
Ka'Juan Johnson 5-7 (2016) Shreveport, LA
Braxton Lovings 5-7 (2017) Pearland, TX
Julian Miranda 5-3 (2016) Dallas, TX

We will be taking a look at the Nike EYBL later this week, evaluating not only the top talent from this past weekend, but a look at the best performers from Nike this spring, as we have been in attendance at two of the three weekends at Nike's Grassroots events.