2011 Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp Top Performers

Created on Monday, 17 October 2011 22:46 Written by Van Coleman

We spent the weekend in Merrillville, IN, at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp being held at "The Fieldhouse" inPangosAll-FroshSoph Merrillville. Once again Camp Director Dinos Trigonis had a solid group of the Midwest's top young talent including top seventy-five talents like No.15 rated 6-7 Kevin Looney, No.44 rated 6-4 Trevon Bluiett, and No.75 rated 6-7 power man Tyler Wideman. So with that in mind here is our look at the top players who were chosen for the Top 25 Cream of the Crop game, and a quick look at the players who were chosen for the Top 50 Cream of the Crop game at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp: 

Top 25 Cream of the Crop Game Prospects - (Listed By Height)

Nate Gehring   6-10 2014 Waukee, IA High - This long and surprisingly athletic big man can really run the floor, pop and hit 17-footer on face-up. He has a solid jump hook on turn to paint and has solid nose for ball off the glass. He reminds me of Will Artino ( Creighton ) in many ways. He needs to continue to add strength to draw mid-up interest.

Tyler Wideman   6-7 2014 St. John, IN Lake Central -This physical man among boys around the hoop, has a great set of hands, can catch and turn with either hand and finish at the rim or pop and hit 12-footer. He can also attack rim off face up and can board, outlet and be in on finish on other end. No wonder Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois are among early suitors..

Josh Meier   6-7 2014 Oak Lawn, IL Richards - Face-up four man can hit open shot to 17-feet, attack hoop off the dribble or finish around hoop on the blocks. he has good hands and surprised us with ability to really run the floor. One of mids to monitor.

Casey Schlatter   6-7 2014  Iowa Falls, IA Iowa Falls-Alden - Face-up combo forward cn knock down jumper from three or off the dribble from 15-feet or finish at rim with his length. He has good ball skills and a nose for ball around the hoop. He needs to add strength, but he doesn't back down from challenge on defensive end. He has offers from Northern Iowa and Creighton with interest from Iowa, Drake, Iowa State, and Wisconsin at this point.

Kevin Looney   6-7 2014 Milwaukee, WI Hamilton - My choice as top prospect in Merrillville, he can play either the two or three spots, has a skill set that allows him to create drive or run the break in transition, then finish with highlights or pass. He is a good mid-range shooter with big-time athletic gifts, who has added 15-20 positive pounds this past year. If he can extend range to the arc in the future look for him to challenge for a top ten, maybe even a top five spot in the class. He is hearing from Wisconsin, Marquette, Illinois, Iowa Stae, Indiana, Michigan, and Georgetown, but that list will grow in the future.

David Burrell   6-6 2014 Milwaukee, WI Hamilton - He plays in the shadow of Looney, but he showed the tools that he can become a force in his own right. he flat out can stroke jumper from three or off the dribble from 12-15 feet. He can grab board and take it end to end and finish with highlight dunk in traffic. He plays hard on both ends and makes plays in the open court. High majors should start to monitor his game based on what we saw this past weekend in Merrillville.

Sam Longwood   6-6 2014 Indianapolis, IN Lawrence North - Physical lefty wing can knock down jumper from three or attack basket with dribble and finish with strength and bounce in the paint. He uses body and quick explosion off the floor to start break off the glass. He will post up smaller wing opponents and use his strength to finish with either hand on blocks.

Marcus White   6-6 2014 Milwaukee, WI Vincent - Combo forward can pop 17-footer, but seemed more comfortable attacking hoop with dribble drive. He has bounce to finish with dunk off that drive, but level will depend on his ability to extend range on shot with consistency as he moves to the perimeter.

Nate Ritchie   6-6 2014 Middlebury, IN Northridge - Active rebounder can start break with outlet or push it off glass with handle. he has solid jumper from three that freezes "D" on occasion and allows him to create drive to hoop where he can finish with strength. Mid-majors up should be monitoring his game.

Justin King   6-5 2015 Gary, IN Bowman Academy - Athletic wing man can finish drive with strength and has a solid left-handed jumper from beyond the arc that sets up his ability to attack the rim. he has a nose for ball off the glass and will fill a lane in transition. He has solid mid-range game too! He will see lots of mid-major up interest in the future.

Josh Cunningham   6-5 2014 Chicago, IL Morgan Park - Quick swing man can explode and dunk off the dribble or run out in transition. He has big hops and can board or finish above the rim. he can drive with either hand and keeps defense honest with a solid jumper from arc on in. Mid-ups should be monitoring his progress in the future.

Trevon Bluiett   6-4 2014 Indianapolis, IN Park Tudor - Strong and physical wing man who has ball skills to play the two or three spots. he can knock down jumper with regularity off the dribble or catch and shoot. He uses shot to set up drive which he finishes with strength using his body to block off defender at the rim. He is a good passer too, so he'll make you pay even if you double team him.  He has interest from Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Virginia, Marquette, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, and Texas.

Lamont Walker   6-4 2014 Chicago, IL Morgan Park - Skilled, but quick guard has combo skills, can knock down three or attack rim with both hands off the dribble. He sometimes forces the action, but when he stays under control he can flat out make things happen in transition game.

Charles Matthews  6-4 2015 Chicago, IL St. Rita - He can catch and shoot it from three to keep "D" honest, he has good quicks to hoop and can finish with bounce. He made couple highlights in transition game. He got more confident as weekend went on and showed he can really pass it in open court to go with ability to score. Mids on up should start to show interest in this lanky wing.

Romeo Bouie   6-4 2015 Racine, WI Horlick - Combo guard has good size and quickness in open court. he caught our eye early with his ability to pass the rock, then showed range to arc and a solid pull-up game that made him a top twenty-five pick. He will see lots of interest from mids on up in the future.

Dreshawn Haywood  6-4 2015 Chicago, IL Morgan Park - Wing has dribble drive and pull-up game from arc to the rim. he hit 15-footer off dribble and has range to arc on catch and shoot. Just started to be a threat from three on day two. He loves to finish with dunk whenever he can.

Torrence Johnson  6-3 2014 Chicago, IL Morgan Park - Wing man has range to three and he can take it end to end in transition game. He has ability to create drive in half-court too, but needs to balance his game on offense and then become more involved on defensive end, so stay tuned!

Kain Harris   6-3 2015 Chicago, IL Morgan Park - This young wing man showed he can knock down perimeter jumper or cross you over and attack the hoop off the dribble. he can finish with dunk or kiss off the glass at the rim. Based on play in Merrillville he will be one mid and high majors will be monitoring in the near future.

Dominique Matthews  6-1 2014 Chicago, IL St. Rita - He is a slasher who can get to rim and finish in traffic. He can handle with both on drive, but keeps "D" honest with mid-range or pull-up jumper to set up drive.. He will draw lots of looks, especially if he adds range with consistency.

Jalen Coleman   6-2 2015 Indianapolis, IN Cathedral - Active and quick wing guard can finish with both hands at the rim. He can flat out knock down jumper from three or pop 17-footer off the dribble. He has solid ball skills and showed he can run break too! He will see lots of interest in near future based on his play at the Pangos this weekend.

Tevin King   6-1 2014 Chicago, IL Providence St. Mel - Strong and physical combo with good size who flat out can push it and pass in transition or half court. H showed range to three, but was at his best hitting pull-up or finishing drive at the rim. Surprising passer will see lots of mid-up interest in future.

Treante Mason   6-1 2015 Milwaukee, WI King - Quick combo can go end to end and finish in traffic, or isolate and take it to hoop in half court. shot range is key to final levels, but his game grew on me over the weekend

Nicholas Cobbins  6-0 2014 Milwaukee, WI Riverside - Athletic and quick combo who can finish in traffic on drive or pop mid-range jumper off the bounce. He showed range to arc on day two, that will draw lots of future interest.

Peter Lazic   6-0 2014 Winnetka, IL New Trier - Solid combo guard skills and sweet jumper from three to set up drive caught our eye on Saturday.  He showed he can run break and is a good passer in open court. he has good basketball I.Q. too!

P.J. Thompson   5-9 2014 Indianapolis, IN Brebeuf Prep - Solid point guard who can make things happen in open court. He has a solid stroke from three that set up dribble drive and pass in half-court.  He sees open man and has solid basketball I.Q. that makes him a leader on the floor.

Tyler Ulis   5-8 2014 Chicago, IL Marian Catholic - Left-handed point can handle with both hands in open court or dribble drive in half-court. He can stick three to set up drive and or pop pull-up if "D" takes away lane. He is a solid passer and will draw lots of mid-up interest as he adds strength and inches.

Demontre Jefferson  5-11 2014 Milwaukee, WI Hamilton - Quick point guard who can attack basket off the dribble, stop and pop pull-up or deliver rock to open man. He has solid three point range, but needs to stay in control, as he forces action too much at times. One to watch as he matures.

Top 50 Cream of the Crop Game Prospects - (Listed By Height)

Myles Carter   6-8 2015 Chicago, IL St. Rita
Tom Kurzydym   6-7 2014 Lisle, IL Benet Academy
Matt Heitmann   6-7 2014 Williamsburg, IA High
Muhammad Diakhaby  6-7 2014 Lisle, IL Benet Academy
*Jay Knuth   6-6 2014 Johnston, IA High
Houston Patee   6-6 2014 Kendallville, IN East Noble
James Callegari   6-4 2014 Oswego, IL East
Ryan Wobbe   6-3 2014 South Bend, IN St. Joseph
Davon Dillard   6-3 2015 Gary, IN Lighthouse Charter
Armand Cartwright  6-2 2014 Bloomfield Hills, MI Lahser
Eddie Miles   6-2 2014 Chicago, IL Morgan Park
*Max Cook   6-2 2014 Lincoln, IL Community
Andrew Bisenius   6-1 2014 Cedar Rapids, IA Kennedy
Tanner Eubank   6-1 2015 Mattawan, MI Paw-Paw
Dirk Jordan   6-0 2015 Chicago, IL Perspectives
Donovan Griffith  5-11 2014 Joliet, IL West
Bryson Butler   5-11 2014 Chicago, IL St. Rita
Martez Cameron   5-11 2015 Chicago, IL DeLasalle
Desmond Wilkins Jr.  5-11 2016 Merrillville, IN
John Roberts   5-10 2014 Indianapolis, IN Pike
Anthony Mosely   5-10 2015 Chicago, IL Providence St. Mel
Bryson Butler   5-9 2014 Tinley Park, IL High
Brandon Key   5-9 2015 West Allis, WI Central
Danya Kingsby   5-9 2016 Milwaukee, WI Northwest
Marshun Stewart   5-8 2015 Omaha, NE Benson
*My Top 25 Alternates!

Honorable Mention / Potential  Top 50 - Game Prospects

Nic Jeffers   6-6 2015 Crown Point, IN High
Luke McDonnell   6-6 2015 Dubuque, IA Senior
Nick Jeffries   6-1 2014 Runnells, IA Southeast Polk
Marlon Stewart   6-0 2015 Davenport, IA Wet
Justin Freeman   5-11 2014 Detroit, MI Cass Tech
Hayward Merrill   5-10 2015 Milwaukee, WI Riverside
Tyrell Stewart   5-10 2015 Milwaukee, WI Vincent
Tim Townsel   5-8 2015 Chicago, IL St. Francis DeSales
Elmelik Martin   5-5 2015 Southfield, MI Rochester Aquinas